Stop leaking taps to save your sex appeal

If your tap’s prostrate (read washer) is weak then in near future you may smell your way to a broken marriage or end up being single with whom nobody wants to mingle. Yes this is the shocking finding of an individual (read me) who one day on an impulse decided to find out what is the social cost of a leaking tap. To begin with I must tell you I am fanatic about storing water. I will also confess I don’t like the rhythmic sound of a-drop-a-blink sound of leaking tap. It makes me feel I am close to an old forlorn and forgotten person who is sick and coughing his way to morgue. To save myself from the abovementioned misery I keep all the taps in fighting fit condition and yet the quality of corrosive water humbles my efforts now and then. One day I entered in my room in the evening and I could hear the sound I dread most. I was appalled to see there was no water in the bucket and to top it all I badly needed a shower. It was one of those days that overhead tank was under maintenance and the taps had gone dry, well almost. I instantly decided to find out how much water will I lose. I kept a 16 litre capacity empty bucket under the sneezing tap. It was 8 pm. Next day at 8.30 am it was full. I am sure all of us have come across a sick tap leaking like a running nose once in a while. I made a small calculation. Delhi’s population is 12 million. If an average family is of five heads we are looking at 1.4 million families. If they too have a tap afflicted with a-drop-a-blink loss rate, they are losing an estimated 22.4 million litres of water everyday. Delhi requires 3,324 million liters of water a day (MLD) while what it gets is nearly 2,034 MLD. Average water consumption in Delhi is estimated at being 240 liters per capita per day (LPCD).
This loss means roughly 100 thousand people suffer a body blow to their right to have a clean body. Our carelessness forces them to smell like dead fish, vegetables, spices, pungent pickles, stale curd etc. this heady cocktail makes for a very sensual human experience but it’s hardly sexy. Instead of intoxicating people with our odour we end up being “smelly Indians”.
India’s ancient architectural treatise Vastu Shastra and its Chinese equivalent Feng Shui insist any leakage in a house – food, water or money is a sign of impending poverty and misery. I don’t know whether these claims have any scientific basis or not, what I am convinced about is the leakage from your tap will add to an already worsening water woe and soon you may not have enough to take a shower just when you need it most.
Researchers in Britain and elsewhere have found that most men and women find nothing sexier than a well scrubbed body. The ideal sexy image is of a man or a woman fresh out of shower wearing nothing, not even perfume but their own body odour. Imagine yourself having a wardrobe full of Armani suits and Ralph Lauren deodorants and yet smelling like a rat. So axe the thought of wasting thousands on “Axe effect”, it takes only Rs. two to fix your source of greatest sex appeal. It’s a smart way of being clean and green.

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6 Responses to Stop leaking taps to save your sex appeal

  1. Amit Chaturvedi says:

    Quite an informative and cool way to teach all of us how to do that extra bit for the environment. Never thought a tap can be linked to my sex appeal! Great article!

  2. superb…. ‘sexy’ post.

  3. Deepti says:

    What a link! Sex and leaking tap…. Nice

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