Two sides of the same coin

Climate alarmists and climate deniers are two sides of the same coin. They both hurt the real cause. The alarmist creates unnecessary fear that when found unsubstantiated invites public wrath and a kind of despondency that translates into poor support for climate concerns. People, who’s confidence suffers due to irresponsible behaviour of the climate alarmists, tend to become cynical and loose interest in a process that is far more complex and invisible than some of the immediate problems they face everyday. With this mind set they become an easy prey for the climate deniers who relentlessly push their agenda that nothing is wrong and we should go about our lives as we have in the past.
However, the reality is somewhere in between. Though the alarm bells should be ringing as the climate is changing and the way we have been doing our business is not economically prudent anymore. The alarmists are wrong when they put a date for a catastrophic event based on their sketchy knowledge and less then perfect scientific models. The reality is that the climate is changing and the pattern of rainfall and heat wave as well as cold spells is undergoing a churn. Enough data is available about this fact. However, what is not certain even now is how much of it is created by human beings. Also many scientists, smugly confident about their scientific model, start predicting doomsday. No sooner they begin, other scientific group comes out to debunk their claims. Scientist in their zest or zeal to save the earth or grab headlines as green messiah jump the gun and turn alarmist as it makes a great story (Never mind if its only a five minutes fame story).
The ordinary person on the road ends up being a confused lot. This confusion breeds cynicism that is easily exploited by climate change deniers. Armed with money and well heeled public relation strategies they attack these avoidable discrepancies and needless mudslinging between the scientific community to convince the clueless public that everything is ok, go about your business as usual. Deniers have a vested interest in denial as they profit from the present status quo. All the oil companies earn billions of dollars and it is these billions of dollars that are at stake and they will not let their total control go easily.
However, a far deeper reality is being overlooked while the battle rages on between the alarmist and the denier. Climate is changing and we as the most successful species on earth are partly responsible for it. More than six billion of us are threatening the way earth has survived and thrived through ages. Our technologies are energy guzzlers and our management of resources is far from optimum.
The first decade of 21st century is over and we are heading into a time of unpredictable events. Right now the need of the hour is to optimise our resource management, bring about a change in our lifestyles and try to be frugal with our resources. Even if climate change is a natural phenomenon, what can’t be denied is pollution that we wrought on earth. Maybe its nature way to signal that time has come to move from wasteful lifestyle to frugal one. Also population control measures should be pursued again not aggressively but with great care involving various religious heads to bring home the point that the earth is finite and can’t sustain loutish behaviour of its most successful species.

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