Heritage humbled by Economic Downturn

Legend has it that during World War II, British bureaucrats curtailed the budget for the department of culture to fund the war efforts. When the then Prime Minister of Britain found out he wondered aloud, “then what are we fighting for?” The budgetary cuts were restored. Ever since the wave of economic liberalisation in 1991 hit the Indian shores, it had a devastating impact on Hindi publications. The rise and fall of economic cycles have on a regular basis claimed many iconic publications like Dinman, Dharmyug, Hindustan etc. If the journalistic sources are to be believed the latest entries in the long line of extinct magazines include — Kadambini and Nandan. They belong to a time in Hindi journalism and literature that was bright if not golden. When a society loses its will to preserve, promote and enrich its culture by investing time, intellect and energy, it means is spiralling downwards into an intellectual vacuum from where its well nigh impossible to return. Economies grow and shrink, growth rates rise and fall but when literature and art, the two pillars of culture bear the brunt of every economic downturn, real and perceived, then the society is in deep trouble. When the platforms of expression will shrink, they will limit the scope of discourse and discussion. It will in turn limit the growth of the language. In time the language will become static and stale. If something as lively as a language turns stable, it means it’s a language in decline. A declining language is a poor language. No society can claim to be rich if it’s speaking a poor language. It may be economically well off but it will remain culturally poor. Whenever history will judge it on the basis of culture, linguistic or literary parameters that society will always end up at the bottom of the league in comparison to those societies that have invested their heart and souls in preserving their cultural and intellectual heritage.     


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