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mediaperson worked for TWI, TVI, Dainik Bhaskar, UTV and Hindustan Times in all the divisions print, TV, radio and internet

Weather Forecasting: Near-casting to Win Perception Battle

How often you have found yourself, smirking while listening or reading to weather forecasts. More often than not, isn’t it? And the general lament is why can’t the met guys get it right? Then there are some who take the … Continue reading

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“Tsunami of e-waste” can be a multi-billion dollar opportunity

Too much of a good thing is also bad, it is said. In terms of rising number of gadgets and resultant e-waste around us, the above refrain surely makes a lot of sense. The question that may beg an answer … Continue reading

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This one CSR initiative can bridge the skill gap in India

About two years ago a FICCI-E&Y (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Ernst & Young) report said that nine of ten MBAs graduating from colleges were unemployable. Same is the case with many engineering and other general … Continue reading

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Communication is Key for Effective CSR Implementation

There was a news item in the papers today that said the Delhi Government has embarked on a plan to treat to sewage water for drinking purpose. For this, it would take the sewage water upstream from Delhi and release … Continue reading

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Green Wall to Firewall Delhi against Dust-Storms

The Delhi government has initiated a programme to plant 3.2 million or 32 lakh trees around the periphery of Delhi as well as Yamuna flood plains. The move is seen as definitive step to combat the dust load that gets … Continue reading

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LET’S TALK SERIES: Why online activism doesn’t go beyond a point

The hyper-connected world is a doubled edged sword. Today it is very easy, quick and economical to launch an agitation, campaign or a revolution with the help of social media, smart phones, internet and telecommunication devices. Be it Arab Spring … Continue reading

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Politics in the age of digital technology

Every ordinary mortal is a potential giant killer In the last week of 2016 when the world was busy making New Year resolutions or was out celebrating on the beaches or in the hills, a low ranking Indian para-military officer … Continue reading

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