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December 8, 1984: “Forget her she will die in couple of days anyway…” A 17 year old volunteer asked to distribute apples to Bhopal Gas victims. June 2010: Two years simple imprisonment; bail granted. Offence, 20th century’s worst industrial disaster … Continue reading


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Celebrations now, caution for future

National Geographic Society today stated what many traditionalists in India believed since long. We as consumers are the greenest of them all. The 17 nation survey puts India at the top and the USA at the bottom of the table … Continue reading

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Baby steps towards energy efficiency

Three sectors are often considered major villains in contributing to huge carbon emissions leading to present climate change. Energy, automobile industry and land use, land use change and forest (LULUCF) together account for nearly 70 per cent of the entire … Continue reading

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Stop leaking taps to save your sex appeal

If your tap’s prostrate (read washer) is weak then in near future you may smell your way to a broken marriage or end up being single with whom nobody wants to mingle. Yes this is the shocking finding of an … Continue reading

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